Générale Sales Conditions

General sales conditions

The landlord reserves the right to confirm a reservation 48 hours after your online reservation request. For short stays, less than 7 nights, bed linen and final cleaning is required (prices below after the general sales conditions).

The tourist tax is obligatory. Minors are not subject to the tourist tax. Price per night and per person:

  • Hôtels de tourisme 5 étoiles, résidences de tourisme 5 étoiles, meublés de tourisme 5 étoiles 2,20 €
  • Hôtels de tourisme 4 étoiles, résidences de tourisme 4 étoiles, meublés de tourisme 4 étoiles 1,76 €
  • Hôtels de tourisme 3 étoiles, résidences de tourisme 3 étoiles, meublés de tourisme 3 étoiles 1,32 €
  • Hôtels de tourisme 2 étoiles, résidences de tourisme 2 étoiles, meublés de tourisme 2 étoiles, villages de vacances 4 et 5 étoiles 0,88 €



The deposit is never refunded. Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival: 30% of the rental amount is the total amount paid. From 30 days to 15 days before arrival: 75% of the rental amount. Less than 15 days before arrival: 100% of the rental amount. Cancellations must be confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


BOOKING: The reservation is effective only after receipt of the deposit. The rental is validated after receipt of the balance, 1 month before arrival. For any online reservation, the regulations will be charged to your credit card, given at the booking.



The tenant authorizes Vaujany locations / EURL CHEZ PETER, represented by Mr De Groote Peter, to use the details of his credit card, given at the booking, to perform the following transactions:

1) payment of the deposit on booking

2) Payment of the balance 1 month before the arrival

3) impression of the card for the housing deposit (the latter is only valid after validation signature on site)



The tenant authorizes EURL CHEZ PETER to register it in its newsletters. One can unsubscribe at any time.



Water charges and electricity are included except Ysengrin Cottage



This lease is made at the following terms and conditions that the tenant agrees to perform:


* occupy the premises only for private use, the exercise of any profession is prohibited, the tenant recognizes that the premises covered by this contract are rented only as a temporary holiday residence. The tenant agrees to have a principal place of residence and to keep a principal place of residence for the duration of the present temporary tenancy;

* not be able to rent the rented premises unless written agreement by the landlord;

* insure against the damage caused by ones actions and civil liability on holiday, on one’s own behalf and on behalf of vaujanylocations, eurl Peter. Therefore to have a civil liability holiday insurance.

* animals will not be tolerated without agreement of the owner.



The tenant will pay the landlord on the day of taking possession of the property the sum of 500/1000 € as security deposit to cover damage that may be caused to objects within the property rented. It can in no way be considered as part payment towards the rent. This deposit, reduced by any costs of repairs, is returned by post at the latest 30 days after your departure, if the exit inventory could not take place on site. The tenant is responsible for any broken or damaged objects as well as any damage that may be caused to the installations, in particular due to the improper handling of the heating and other appliances. The fact that the landlord cashes and retains the deposit until the end of the tenacy does not make the landlord therfore responsible for any damage caused during this time. If the guarantee proves to be insufficient, the tenant agrees  to pay the total sum after the exit inventory. The balance must be paid.



A general inventory and furniture inventory will be established at the beginning of the tenancy and will be subject to a checking at the end of the lease. The inventory of the premises must be recognized and signed by the tenant within 24 hours of arrival. Any complaints concerning the rented premises and the inventory must be voiced at the latest the morning of the arrival day. The rented premises must be occupied and used responsibly and only by the number of people corresponding to the number of bed linen provided. The dates of occupation must be fully respected. Tenants must vacate the apartment on the day of departure no later than 10 am. Any damage found will be repaired under the conditions provided for herein. An appointment for the departure must be made on Thursday before 9 pm.



Key collection will only be done after payment of the rent balance and the deposit. The keys will be collected from the Vaujanylocations Office,487 Route du Col de Sabot, in Vaujany. Next to Vaujany House and the library. For short stays and summer another meeting location can be given. Gaining access and possession of the premises takes place from 5 pm. The apartment must be returned at 10 am on the day of departure.


A lump sum of 100 € will be required from the tenant in case of loss of keys to cover the costs related to lock replacement.



The tenant will, upon his departure, leave the apartment tidy and in a good state of cleanliness. Dishware and appliances will also need to be cleaned. The inventory can be done within 48 hours after the departure of the tenant. In case of non-compliance with this clause, the tenant will be charged the additional cleaning and repair costs, a flat rate depending on the size of your apartment.



The landlord declines any responsibility in the event of loss or theft of personal belongings that would occur during the rental. It is the tenant’s responsibility to purchase a suitable insurance policy to cover personal belongings.



Regardless of the care that must be given to the rented accommodation and its contents, extreme attention must be given to the risk of freezing central heating radiators. In winter, a radiator near an open window should never be turned off. Tenants are required to: regularly maintain the premises and equipment provided to them. To observe the rules and regulations in co-ownership buildings, and in particular keep noise down after 10 pm.



In the event of a reduction in the length of stay for any reason whatsoever, the landlord shall in no way be required to reimburse the rent corresponding to this reduction.



Interruptions in the operation of the general services of the building (heating, television, internet / wifi etc ….) Or the malfunctioning of the spa bath or the closing of the ski slopes and ski lifts do not justify a reduction of rent or damage and interests, if they are not due to an act of the landlord’s will. For anything that is not provided for in this contract, rental uses apply. The landlord reserves the right to terminate, without compensation, any lease in case of the beneficiary failing to meet the clauses of this contract. In this case, the balance of the entire stay will be acquired by the landlord.



In the event of failure to pay the rent balance on its due date, or in the event of non-fulfillment of one of the clauses of the contract, the lease will be terminated automatically, if deemed appropriate by the landlord, without any legal formality. Any advance payment on the rent and the deposit for reservation will remain acquired by the landlord. If the tenant refuses to leave the premises, the matter will be taken to court.



For the execution of these trials and their continuation, these will take place at court in Grenoble.



In case of delay in the liberation of the premises after the agreed departure date or expiration of the contract, the tenant, regardless of reasons, will have a penalty per day of delay to pay; calculated on the basis of three times the daily rent from the original agreed departure date. This fee will not open any right to  stay in the premises to the TENANT, and the fee will be acquired by the LANDLORD, with fixed price, without prejudice of any damage or interests.



location linge de lit : 12 € / lit

location linge de toilette : 7 € pp

Formule linge de lit et nettoyage final inclus

Chalet de Marie n°8 & n°9 : 160 €

Chalet de Marie n° 10 : 190 €

Claret 2, n° 3 : 90 €

Claret 2, n° 1 : 130 €

La Fare, n° 7 et n° 10 : 130 €

Cochette 2, n° 12 : 130 €

Clovis 2 : 130 €

Chalet le Verney,  B7 : 150 €

Chalet Perin : 150 €

Chalet le Verney, A6 : 160 €

La Fare, n° 12 : 190 €

Cochette 2, n° 15 : 190 €

Cochette 1, n° 14 : 190 €

Claret 2, n° 15 : 190 €

Les Farfelus : 260 €

Clovis 1 : 230 €

Fimaloc : 230 €

Chalet Louise : 230 €

Vaujany Mountain Lodge : 250 €

Les Coutégas : 150 €

L’étendard : 170 €

Les Cîmes : 210 €

Sérendipité : 200 €

Napoléon : 190 €

Joséphine : 190 €

P’tit Vaujany : 170 €


15 € frais de dossier